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Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy the Pro version once, do I get it on all my other devices?

No, you need to purchase Mac and iOS apps separately. However, if you purchased Mate for either Mac or iOS, you can then use Mate Pro in any browser for free. You just need to sign up in Mac or iOS and then sign in with the same account in your browser.

I purchased Mate Pro in my browser and got "Your Payment Is Processing" from Paddle. What is that?

Don't worry. It means that the transaction seemed suspicious to Paddle (our payment processing service) and they turned on a manual review for it. But, you might have gotten Pro version, anyway. To check it, just navigate to the app settings, it must say 'You have the Pro version' there.


How do I view the phonetic transcription (IPA)?

To enable the IPA, you have to navigate to settings and enable the “Show phonetic transliteration” option. Note: enabling IPA can slow down the translation speed a bit.


How do I use synchronization across all my devices?

To synchronize all your translations and Phrasebook across all your devices you have to sign in into the same account on all of them and you need to have a Pro version for synchronization to work. Synchronization will work automatically, but you also can force Mate to synchronize using a synchronization button.


What should I do if Mate doesn’t save history in Firefox?

You have to disable “Clear history on Firefox restart” option in Firefox settings. If the problem persists – it’s related to a known bug in Firefox, Mozilla developers should fix it soon.


What should I do if Mate doesn’t save settings?

Unfortunately, some browsers have a bug related to the local storage of extensions. We’re working on this problem and trying to fix it as soon as possible.

How do I enable Mate in PDF files in Chrome/Firefox/Edge?

Due to technical restrictions, you cannot select text and translate it by a shortcut in PDF files in any browser. Unfortunately, we can do nothing with this. However, in Google Chrome you can select text and translate it instantly from the context menu.


I bought Pro in Instant Translate Chrome extension, should I pay for the Mate Pro again?

You don’t have to pay for the update, your Pro is transferred automatically. Thou, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected, contact us at and attach your Pro receipt to the letter.

Why does Mate for macOS read text with poor voice quality?

This happens if your system doesn't have required voice installed, for some reason (usually all the voices are installed by default).
You can fix this by installing the needed voice in System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Speech -> System Voice -> Customize -> French (Aurelie).

How do I find Mate Translate for Android?

Mate is not available for Android. Its previous version called Instant Translate is still available on Google Play. Unfortunately, we currently have no plans to update Instant Translate to Mate on Android.

If I purchased Mate Pro, do I get Pro in Instant Translate for Android?

There is no sign-up/sign-in in Instant Translate for Android, so the same approach as with other apps when you purchase Pro once and then just sign in to the same account doesn't work, unfortunately.