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Forget about tabbing to translation websites

Translator app for text & speech that's always by your side

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Mate is available on any device

It has your back on all major devices

Mate is available in the Mac menu bar, on iOS devices, for Google Chrome, FirefoxMicrosoft Edge, Safari and even Opera.

Mate understands 103 languages

It translates text & speech instantly

On iPhone, you can talk directly into your phone and Mate will speak back to you in whatever language you choose! 


All Mate apps teach you how to pronounce correctly, too.

Download Mate now and join 550,000 other users worldwide who are already using it! It will help you learn languages, communicate with friends or colleagues, read articles and blogs.

Mate saves your time on translation lookup

Stop wasting time on opening translator apps or tabbing to translation websites

Mate will allow you to translate also in other apps. Just select any text in any app and see the instant translation. With a shortcut, double-click or the context menu.

Select and translate

Just double-click on a word on any webpage to see the instant translation right on that page.

Works in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or MS Edge.

Context menu

Just select any text in any app and hit the Mate button in the context menu (right-click) to see the instant translation.

Works on Mac and in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and MS Edge.

Always By Your Side

On Mac, Mate lives in your menu bar, so you can always open it no matter what other apps you are using now.

In browsers, it's always available right next to your browser address bar.

Mate remembers every word

Mate saves your translations so that you can access them anytime and anywhere

Mate Phrasebook

It allows you to create custom word lists with your favorite words

Easily create and curate word lists which are available even offline.


Perfect for language learners or travelers who need to have their word lists always by their side. 

550 000 users are already using Mate, so should you!

We were featured on the Mac App Store front page 4 times.